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By Lisa Scott - Independent Beauty & Fashion Writer

Foregoing Contributing Writer - Chicago Defender

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2013 Riah Awards Saluting The Beauty Industry Professionals

Chicago - Beauty professionals have contributed to the beautification of everyday people to Hollywood stars of today. Creating trends, high fashion styling and design, implementing amazing customized looks for individuals from Broadway to Hollywood. Infamous people wouldn't be as alluring and desirable with only their authentic talent if beauty professionals couldn't create and design an image that would express who they are. Kudos to the professionals up front and behind the scene in the beauty industry, investing in enhancing and creating others natural beauty, morphing them into another characters or sculpting an image desired.

Home based Chicagoan couple who posses vision and determination are out to change the recognition status of the beauty industry's service, time and talent. Salon owners Al and Darya Johnson, founders of The Riah Awards believe; for decades, stylists have been placed on the back burner, figuratively and literally! Stylist aid in the debut of celebrities' hair for all projects and appearances and let's not forget proms, weddings, anniversaries and graduations while serving as friends, counselors and beauty consultants without the unsaid and unnoticed recognition. Al and Dayra Johnson's goal is out to change that.

The First Annual Riah Awards celebrated VIP style at the wonderful Harold Washington Cultural Center bearing an outstanding turnout of seasoned beauty professionals, friends and family, and clients for recognition support, media, and selective VIP vendors. The Riah Awards is an event, specifically designed as a tribute for the pioneers of the hair industry to have their opportunity, their recognition and moment to SHINE. It is a day set aside, to applaud their accomplishments, long hours and dedication to their craft and creativity in the past and years to come. The Award event celebrates the past, while uplifting the next generation of hairstylists and preparing for the future in the world of hair care.

This engaging Awards event honored stylists and visionaries: Rahni Flowers, Pat Patterson, Leo Passage, Steven Deer, Haroon Rashid, Pamela Moore, Midget Welch, Sha'Ron Daniel, Angie Middleton, KImberly Coleman, Phillip McCain, Amazon Smiley, Lathan Alexander, and Cheryl Pickenpack. The evening was hosted by Chicago's Very own: Bonnie DeShong, performances by Singer Songwriter Dee Alexander's Evolution Trio, and whimsical fashions presented by Sheila Rashid Designs.

The 2014 Riah Awards are already in preparation mode and are guaranteed to obtain an even greater audience of attendee. This event was eventful and well over due in saluting the industry professionals who have and are dedicating their time, service, and talent to make a difference in the beauty profession.

Photographer: @ Antonio Wells

Photo left to right: Featured Jewelry designer, Al Johnson, Darya Johnson

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