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By Lisa Scott - Independent Beauty & Fashion Writer

Foregoing Contributing Writer - Chicago Defender

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Nikita Smith is a powerful force within the beauty business community. She is commonly referred to as the "HAIR CONCIERGE". Nikita has graced the industry with her enthusiastic and animated style of motivating her audiences to push beyond their limitations and to become masters at their craft.

Nikita possesses 25 years in the beauty industry as a premier educator. Knowing her God-given purpose, she feeds her passion by sharing and depositing her expertise and insight into others. Carving out a signature place in the industry Nikita is not holding back, she is sharing her knowledge and wisdom in business.

Nikita's philosophy, "the more you know the more you grow", has made a strong influence in our "next level" thinkers for beauty experts. Nikita Smith, we applaud you for making a difference!

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