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LISA SCOTT is a Pro VIP Stylist, Platform, Makeup Artist, and Facilitator on the move. She holds her Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration from Dillard University, coupled with over twenty years experience in business and marketing, the beauty industry, and has been with L'Oreal - over 5 years as an educator. Lisa is also a salon owner, visionary executor to the industry, and a foregoing contributing writer for the Chicago Defenders, Fashion and Beauty column. Lisa has engaged in the Hoodie Awards, New York Fashion Week, facilitated on some of the largest Hair Show platforms in the United States, and worked as lead stylist and makeup artist on various projects in the industry. In conjunction with her working tenaciously, she has worked with Johnny Wright, stylist to the First Lady Michelle Obama, celebrity stylist Nicole Magram, Chris Curse of Chris Curse & Co., and Landis, celebrity makeup artist, just to name a few of Chicagoan based beauty experts. Lisa has fashioned Heather Headley, Vickie Yohe, Walt Whitman, local Chicagoan socialites, and many other various premier clients and personalities. She sets her success bars high, works hard, and loves motivating others to connect with their passions. Loving to inspire, empower, connect, and enjoy participating in the birthing process of new business and the repositioning of seasoned businesses are a few of her other dedications. Lisa is a firm believer, working cohesively together empowering others will make a enormous impact in the beauty and fashion industries future. One of Lisa's goals is being one of the Pacemakers and game changers for Chicago's  Beauty and Fashion Scene.

L I S A  S C O T T


I firmly believe working cohesively together while empowering others makes an enormous impact and allows the creativity and versatility to be seen in others all around the world.

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